Join the Trumpets

Do you know the story of Jericho? The Lord told them to march around the city's walls 7 times. This is a battle. They were in battle. And instead of swords and bows and flaming arrows, the Lord says pick up your trumpets. 

In spiritual realms, there is nothing more offensive to the enemy than the praises of God's people. God inhabits the praises of His people. God heals when people praise Him. God moves. God works. And we find rest and joy as we praise Him. 

I believe, in these last days, that the Holy Spirit is pouring out on all flesh, young and old. Acts is for real. It's not just an old story. I have seen it my own life. In many ways, splatter joy is a place for me to share the inspiration and creativity given me by the Lord. 

But here's the deal. I know, with every wiggle in my body, that the Lord is doing something in His Bride as a whole. This isn't just meant to be my space for my worship and praise. It may start that way because everything takes time. But the call to splatter joy is given to us all. 

Lately, every believer I meet mentions that they are starting to doodle. People who can't read music are writing songs. People who have never written before have books on their hearts. People who thought they hated poetry find themselves writing it. The Lord is doing a new thing! And my number one goal here at splatter joy is to help you develop your skill and craft. The Lord loves artisans. The Lord loves musicians. And the Lord loves to show off through the most broken of us. 

If your heart is beating a little bit reading this... 

If your toes are tapping and your can't explain why...

If you are full of wonder at what God can do to display His glory through your offering of music, art, poetry, and any other means of expression...

then all I have to say is, "Praise God!"

Lift up your trumpet with me and let's praise the walls of the cities down. Let's praise God and see what strongholds He takes down. Let's bow down to worship Him and see Him rise up!

I want you to be a part of this. There is no such thing as an "amateur" when it comes to worship. A joyful noise is joyful. So if your recording is rough around the edges, send it anyways. If your artwork isn't all you hoped, offer it anyways. If your poetry feels pretty raw and unrefined, call it beautiful and share it.


the trumpet flower.  fragrance of Christ. 

the trumpet flower.  fragrance of Christ. 

Poetry - Artwork - Songs - Parables - psalms

2018 Submissions

When we love and praise the Lord, we express it anyway we can!

It's in you. Bubbling up. You know it is.

You have scribbled it on a napkin and in your journal. You have doodled it on the back of your notebook. You have a few clips recorded on your phone. You have a box full of it downstairs with no idea what to do with it all. 

Sounds like its time to share! You ready? Ready to share your creative expression with others as an offering to praise the Lord?

If so, click below.

  • Artwork: Send splatter joy a digital copy of your drawing, painting, doodle, etc. along with the scripture or revelation that inspired it.
  • Original Song, Rap or Spoken Poetry: Include lyrics with your audio recording and an original image (photo or drawing) to use as a thumbnail.
  • Poetry, Parables, and Psalms: Include an original thumbnail image or a brief description of an image you think would complement the piece.

The splatter joy team looks forward to receiving your work! You can do this!