[GIVEAWAY] Are you Searching for More of God?

Hello, beloved!

Happy first day of Fall!

I have so much on my heart to share with you in the weeks ahead!

A lot has been growing quietly under the surface, and I believe it’s time to sprout above ground! I believe it’s time! In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing a word of prophecy about the harvest season. I’ll open up another SplatterJoy challenge (so stay tuned!)… You asked about it, and trust me! It’s going to be a transformative challenge for you! I also have a fresh canvas and a new song to share with you. So …Happy Fall!

But today, I just wanted to check in on you, tell you I love you, and tell you about a fantastic giveaway.

It’s over at my other site, the QuirkyKingdom. It’s where I use common everyday activities like decluttering, doing dishes, and running errands as parables of the kingdom of God. Today until Monday morning at 10am, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY! It’s a powerful devotional by my sweet, sweet friend, Brooke Caldwell called, “Searching: Discovering God’s Hidden Treasures.” If you were among those moved by this post about digging in your roots and searching out the Lord deeper still, then I believe Brooke’s 30-day devotional, Searching, will resonate with you too.

To enter the giveaway, head on over to the Quirky Kingdom: Make Room for God and Declutter Once and For All! If it’s your first time popping over to Quirky, Oh! I sure hope you love it! If Splatter Joy is my online art room, then Quirky Kingdom is my online home. So, welcome! And make yourself at home!

(I may be merging the two eventually, but for now, it is what it is! I’d love your thoughts on that, as I know you are prayerful and thoughtful! So shoot me a line if you have any feedback or insight or words of wisdom!)

Ok! Enjoy this GIVEAWAY!