[ROOTED] why keep praying when it looks like nothing is happening?

root sketch.jpg


Why keep praying when it looks like nothing is happening?

This sketch is the answer.

Your prayers are seed. They fall into the soil, and they will sprout. Do not doubt that. They are sprouting. You just can't see it yet. Look at how long it takes before any of the growth is above ground! Look at how the seed is growing but there is no visible sign above.

It is growing below the surface, in the deep, growing stronger and more rooted.

There will be a day when you begin to see the little buds of answered prayer coming. Then you'll see more, and more. Soon, you will grow up (yourself and the others you pray for) from little acorns into oaks of righteousness.

So do not despise these small beginnings. Give the garden time. 


May this verse bring you greater faith:

roots sketch verse.jpg
For as the earth brings forth its sprouts,
and as a garden causes what is sown in it
to sprout up,
so the Lord God will cause
righteousness and praise
to sprout up
before all the nations.
— Isaiah 60:1


So you see. It's a done deal. May that truth sink deep in you today. Your prayers are heard. They are powerful and effective. You just have to trust that the work is going on below the surface at first. Patience, child. And persevere. 

Lord, help me trust you. Help me trust you hear my prayers. Help me believe my answer is coming, my healing is coming, my deliverance is coming, my restoration is coming. You will sprout it up! You will cause righteousness and praise to grow!

  • Tell me, does that visual help you? He IS the God who hears you! Let's rejoice in that together today!