How to Make a Prayer Board (Simple. Powerful.)

Today's word is from Quin Sherrer, a woman I admire greatly for her prayer life and her writing! 

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For over several decades, I have kept a Prayer Board with pictures tacked on it of my Bean Patch family and friends. [Bean Patch Praying is a way of seeking God on who you should be praying for and to stop being so overwhelmed with all the prayer requests! For more on that, click the link at the bottom of this post.] Photos on my Prayer Board include homemakers, moms, singles, college students, retirees, widows, businessmen and businesswomen, missionaries, and pastors. Some have health issues; others need financial breakthroughs; some have children who are addicted or are in jail.

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I pray for those on my Prayer Board to experience what I call the “Five P’s” asking for God’s:

  1. Presence
  2. Protection
  3. Provision
  4. Peace
  5. Precious Promises to be fulfilled in their lives.

Next, I ask God to enable them in various areas which may include these:

  • Have discernment and wisdom and not be deceived in decisions facing them.
  • Make wise choices financially and morally.
  • Have favor in the marketplace.
  • Have the right people come into their life at the right time.
  • Have a positive influence as they use their talents and skills to help others.
  • Experience God’s healing/comforting touch to those who need it.
  • Cast their cares, worries and anxieties on the Lord, trusting Him.1

Making a prayer board is not hard. Collect pictures sent at Christmastime or request photos of those you plan to pray for. Tack them on a cork board and change them periodically. Contact the persons from time to time to see if they have new requests. Try it and you will have a rewarding adventure when you hear back from family or friends how God is answering prayers.

[For more tips on simplifying your prayer life, read this next: Bean Patch Praying, also by Ms. Quin.]

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Quin Sherrer has written or co-authored 30 books (primarily with Ruthanne Garlock) including bestsellers A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare: How to Protect Your Home, Family and Friends from Spiritual Darkness, A Mother’s Guide to Praying for Your Children, Miracles Happen When You Pray. Her book, Hope for A Widow’s Heart, addresses all aspects of this difficult journey for women.

Her book sales have exceeded a million copies, not counting those translated in other languages. She is a dynamic speaker and has spoken to audiences in 48 states and 12 nations, encouraging them in their daily and sometimes challenging walks of faith. Quin has three children and six grandchildren. You can contact Quin through her website at

1.      A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock, Chosen Books, Grand Rapids, MI. copyright, 2017, p. 224.

Danita here wrapping it up... I have three of these throughout my home. One full of children and missionaries we love. One full of scriptures I pray for my kids and family. And one full of photos of friends and family and people we love. I don't pray them all, all the time. Ms. Quins says sometimse she just lifts up the "whole board" in a prayer. That's a huge relief to me! Other times,  seems like God highlights someone in particular. It's just a really nice visual reminder and has helped us keep prayer over those we love. Let me know how this goes for you!  And ask if you have any questions!

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