[ROOTED] when you overwater your tomatoes...



I'm learning that when you overwater your tomatoes (and radishes!), the fruit just bursts at the seams. It's like all that goodness fills them up, and they just explode. Now while that may sound exciting (to be so full we explode) the reality is that it's incredibly painful. And often, all the goodness overwhelms the fruit, causing it to burst, and then leaves it susceptible to bugs and rot. That's why seasons of drought are a good thing.

I know we want to hear from the Lord ALL THE TIME! But, when He is quiet, trust that it's for your good. Trust that He's just drawing your roots in deeper. 

And please, don't overwater your tomatoes. What I mean is don't oversaturate yourself this summer with input, books, blogs, information, information, information. Pause to discern what of it is revelation, not information, and let those things be fertilizer for your soul. Allow room for a purposeful drought between rains. Give yourself time to meditate on and soak in what God shows you. One verse or chapter can carry you for months. One deep truth can anchor you for years. He is that powerful. 


Want to know a great way to check in with yourself and gage if you are overwatering or not? Ask this question: 

What is one specific thing that God is teaching me in recent weeks? 

  • If you can answer pretty easily with honesty, not just giving a sounds-good answer, then that's a seed that's sunk into good soil!
  • If your mind swirls with vague sermons you heard, social media posts, blogs or books you read or that one page in the Bible, but you can't pin down one strong truth that really sunk in deep... well, deary. You might be swimming in too much. Might be time to cut back on the watering. You know. So you don't explode and all. 
  • If you don't feel supersaturated, and you know you've been seeking the Lord, but you just aren't hearing anything... Can you trust that his quietness is a way to continue drawing you deeper? 

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I'd love to hear from you on this one... Is this confirming anything for you right now? Are you oversaturated? Are you thirsty? There's no shame in either answer. This is about reassessing where we are at and tending to our little plots of land with wisdom... and with each other! : )

Lots of love to you!

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