The Redeeming Handiwork of God (a letter of submission to the Editor):



The Redeeming Handiwork of God:

(a letter of submission to the Editor)


Hollow, hollow bones of mine—

satisfy, satisfy!

Weary back and weary spine—

satisfy, satisfy!

Thin heart, obese mind—

satisfy, satisfy!


Righteous thirst and hunger moan—

satisfy, satisfy!

Pleading spirit, groans and groans—

satisfy, satisfy!

In desolation, hope is sown.

In desperation, endurance grown.


In the trial, You refine; You set apart;

You sanctify. Weld me to Christ, His heart,

His mind. Give gladness for the misery,

Anointing for the suffering.

My breakfast is a loud shout for mercy!

My Love, in the morning, won’t you satisfy me?


I’m your dove, your doe, your poetry—

So, do the fiercely needed editing, but do so gently.

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love, danita jenae