Costco Canned Tuna can teach you to be Fisher of Men!

Howdy! Today I have a testimony to share with you!  The Lord rocked the way I think about sharing the Good News, Mailchimp, marketing and tuna in general. That same day, the doc confirmed that the healing we are seeing can ONLY be "a combination of prayer and medicine." I begin and end this clip I recorded driving in the car with the same word, "Wow!!!"  

If you don't have a minute now, maybe you can listen to this on a drive or while doing dishes? : )

Prayer for you today:

Father God,

You are thorough and amazing! You light up our steps. You show us the way. Give us faith to walk in it. Lord, allow us to do WHATEVER work you have called us to do for YOUR glory and your praise! Remind us of this melodious, joyful smile and beckon us to do the same. Lord, teach me, little by little, a holy boldness to share Your beauty. Quicken our responses to say, "That good thing you notice in me... it's not me. It's the Lord Jesus Christ in me!" Thank you for new wine, new oil (and new brands of vinegar and blogs and such!). You are good! Your mercy endures for me forever!

In Jesus Name, amen

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p.s. I'd love it if you drop a line and let me know how the audio thing worked out for you...Did it work and was it more or less accessible to you than if I typed this whole story up. Thank you! I want to serve you best I can. So let me know. This all new for me. ; )