when we peddle recklessly (+ a prayer against suicide)

Remember bikes before gears? Like when you were a little kid... How if you took your feet off those peddles, they kept spinning. How when that happened down a hill, there was no way to stop the bike except to hit a mailbox post, a tree, another person, or crash into the concrete? Remember that?

Sometimes, we get going too fast downhill. Fear tempts us to take our feet off the peddles. When we do that, we get reckless and lose power to stop. That's when I see how fear forces my littles to take their feet off the brakes in a panic. Then they crash. 


Sometimes, we get going downhill too fast. Fear tempts us to stop praying. When we do that, we forfeit our connection with the One who has the power to make it all stop by just His Voice. Then we crash.

Don't let fear break the conversation between you and the Lord.

Even if you think your life is too reckless or too far gone or too out of control, don't take your feet off the peddles. Don't let fear keep you from asking God to make it all stop. He is able.

If faith is a bicycle to get us Home, prayer is what keeps our feet on the peddles. 

So keep the conversation with God going.

Just crying out a simple, "God, I'm doubting" is an act of faith.

Just a desperate whisper, "God, I'm afraid," is a step towards the opposite of fear, a step towards Love. 

All the suicides in our news feel like they snowball, downhill. We see the spirit of suicide try to bully people into just taking their feet off those peddles and crash. Friends, we have authority over darkness. We have dominion over any principality. We have authority through prayer by the power of Jesus Christ to put on the breaks. Whatever we bind on earth will be bound! 

A prayer against the spirit of suicide. A prayer for those tempted, afflicted, or effected by suicide.

Pray with me?

Lord, we praise you that you have the power to stop darkness! We praise you that you have given us all authority, Jesus. We praise you for your kindness and gentleness. Today, we are asking You to bring people to our minds right now. 

(Pause and listen. This is how we hear God. Maybe you'll have a person keep coming to your memory or mind in the next day or week. Take note. It's the Holy Spirit asking you to partner with Him in fighting for his children. The names may be actors, writers, producers, artists, musicians, political or military leaders, friends, family, neighbors. Don't disregard praying for someone who comes to your mind just because they are famous! They are all someone's baby. Also, you can pray this over yourself too!)

I specifically lift up _______ to you today, Jesus. Bless him and show him your goodness and your mercy and your kindness. Make your face shine upon him. (Today, this is my prayer for Chris Rice. Who are you praying for?)

I'm also specifically praying for ______ today. I rebuke the spirit of suicide against her. I rebuke the enemy after her and command you to GO to a dry and arid land where you shall not prosper. I cover her in the precious and powerful Blood of the Lamb and declare that the spirit of suicide and depression CANNOT touch her in Jesus Mighty Name. Show her your love, compassion, and fullness of grace. Rebuke the lies the believes about you. Show her there is NO condemnation and NO accusation that comes from You, sweet gentle powerful Jesus. (Today, this is my prayer for a beautiful young woman I love dearly. Who are you praying for?)

And for my friend who may be especially hurting, whose lost loved ones to suicide today, I ask for your tenderness and your mercy. I ask for your comfort. I pray you strengthen them in their inmost being to know your great love. Help them keep the lines of communication with You open. >Help them not to shut down. Help them be honest with You about how they feel, the good and the ugly, the pain and the questions. (This is my prayer for those in our church who have survived the loss of loved ones to suicide and for the families who have lost the loved ones of those in the media recently. Who can you pray for?)

I thank you that Your strong arms are able to carry the weight and the pain of our people.

Cover over us in the Blood of the Lamb also as we fight these battles by faith.

In Jesus name, we pray with confidence! And we bless you Lord for hearing these prayers. Thank you for answering. In Jesus Name, may it be so!



Mark 4: 39-40

Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves,“Quiet! Be still!”Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

41 They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”