Easter Egg Affirmations (Free Printable!)

Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed!

I've been praying about how to affirm some children that I love dearly. With Easter coming up, it is so fun to dress up and search for eggs, but I always kind of wonder what it has to do with anything. I'm all about fun, don't get me wrong. But if this is a super memorable time of their Easter celebration, I want to make it count!

So, I asked the Lord for ideas. And I love this one! He happens to have the best ideas ehhh-ver!

Affirmations came to mind that the kids will be encouraged to say OUT LOUD as they open up their Easter egg treasures. I like that the Lord will choose each one specifically for the child who receives it. He is so specific and so kind like that!

I sat down to color with my little one and here's what I came up with. I plan to cut them up and fold them to fit into the eggs. I add a little button or stickers or confetti to each one too. These could be folded into paper airplanes or origami cranes or little paper footballs too! I got tired and only folded one into an airplane. I know it will go to the child who needs an airplane and some loving most!


Please pass these along to your pals so their kids can enjoy this too!

What a fun way to affirm our children in their identity in Christ and in God's deep, steadfast love!

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