50 Non-Sweet Easter Treats (for Egg Stuffers!)

Howdy! And Hoppy Easter!


I'll cut to the chase. Sugar makes my kids angry. Yep. And red dye makes them ballistic.

Sweetest kids ever just can't handle any more sugar in their little sweet bellies. We also have to avoid dairy, eggs (ha!), and gluten so the whole Easter egg thing needed some creativity. I also don't love collecting just junk in my house. I wanted things that I knew my kids would actually use and enjoy. 

So what do I do?

I say a prayer.

Here are some ideas the Lord gave me. Enjoy!

50 Non-Sweet Easter Treats!

  1. Buttons! 

  2. Mini Bubbles

  3. Pennies

  4. Silly puddy

  5. Musical egg shaker

  6. Chalk in shape of eggs

  7. Hair clips, hair ties, hair bows

  8. Silly bands

  9. Hatchanimals

  10. Tiny cars

  11. Little yo-yo's

  12. Mini Slinkies

  13. Necklaces and Bracelets

  14. Lego people

  15. Mini puzzle pieces (to collect and put together after the hunt)

  16. Marbles

  17. Balloons

  18. Rings

  19. Pompoms (the tiny fuzzy things in craft aisle)

  20. Stickers (we LOVE stickers!!)

  21. Seeds to plant in the garden (how perfect?!? That was the Holy Spirit's idea for sure!)

  22. Miniature Nail Polish bottles

  23. Pecans and walnuts in shells to crack

  24. Confetti

  25. Foam Stickers (hearts, stars, letters!)

  26. Tiny Playdough

  27. Notes folded in football shapes and paper airplanes

  28. Oragami cranes

  29. Lima Beans with faces doodled on them in Sharpie

  30. Gem stones

  31. Beads (they can use what they collect and make a bracelet!)

  32. Colorful embroidery floss (always good for something!)

  33. Cool rocks

  34. Magnets

  35. Little pearls, just loose on their own is a treasure!

  36. Toy dinosaurs

  37. Tiny soldiers

  38. Crayons melted into little shapes like hearts or bunnies

  39. Bottle caps  (my girls love these and use beads to turn them into mini pies for their dolls)

  40. Little stamps and Tiny Ink pads

  41. Scriptures written on notes

  42. Calico Critters or Mini Cabbage Patch Dolls or any tiny character your kids are into

  43. Cool shaped erasers

  44. Miniature animals (they make bugs, sea creatures, flowers, all kinds of incredible miniatures

  45. Miniatures for a little garden terrarium

  46. Lip balm

  47. Post-its (the small rectangle kind. My kids LOVE those??)

  48. Tiny roll of ribbon (they make all kinds of super cute ones!)

  49. Small Lego set (broken up into several eggs)

  50. A really BIG button!

The winner last year: Buttons! I found some pastel buttons and the girls still tote them in purses, jars, containers, pretend jars of peas. I find them everywhere and they are just little bits of sunshine to the girls. Buttons. Thank you, Lord.

He is risen, indeed!

He is risen, indeed!

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