Bouquet of Celery Roses

Celery Rose Bouquet Painting

Happy Valentine's, friends! There's a chance you have all this in stock. If so, it's a fun way to spend a half an hour with your kids today to celebrate!

Beautiful textural painting! A classy picture even your toddler can make and be proud of! 

Minimal supplies. Takes less than half an hour. Super fun. 


  • Watercolor paper
  • Paints
  • Stalk of celery
  • A paintbrush or q-tip
  • Paper plate for your palate


  1. Lob off the end of your celery. After I made soup the day before, I kept mine in a Ziploc baggie for the next day and it was just fine!
  2. Pick your paint color and pour a good dollop on your plate. 
  3. Squish your celery rose in the paint.
  4. Then, rock and roll or blob it on your paper.
  5. This is a great day to play with color mixing. 
  6. In your white space, dab and dot your green for petals and stems. If you press a brush down flat, it fans out and makes for a nice little petal.
  7. Voila! Now you've got yourself a frame-er!

Notes to Self:

  • These can be cut into smaller pieces too, or just let a single rose shine and give it larger petals. That makes for a sweet card for Mom or your Valentine.

  • I let my toddler do this when I was on less than 2 hours of sleep...and it was still a peaceful, fun activity. So if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

  • Be generous with the paint. I was stingy loading up our first roses. When I let my little one dip the celery, she was all goopy and generous with the paint. The oozy-extra gave it amazing texture. (And, duh! It's way more fun, mama!)

  • I let my little one pick all the colors. She started with pink, added white and watched it change colors. Then we added yellow. Then orange. Blending the colors made for much more beautiful roses, and, duh! It is way more fun, mama! Smooshing together colors without thoroughly blending them allows for color variation in your rose. I prefer that over a uniform orange or pink. But to each his own. Solid red would be very pretty, now that I think on it. Forget it. Have fun!!!

  • Supply Variations:
    • You could also use colorful cardstock or even cardboard. The back of a cereal box would work great! (Craft acrylic, tempura, or we used washable Craft kids paint.)
  • Use the celery in this garlic soup! It's delicious! And the garlic has natural antibiotic properties, so it will help fend off those winter bugs.)


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