what did you decide to get Jesus for His birthday?

Merry Christmas, friends!

What do you get for the Guy that has everything?


I mean everything!

The cattle on a thousand hills are His.

The waters and all the creatures that fill it.

The land and all the plants and animals that fill it.

See, the whole world, all

it contains belong to the Lord.

Wisdom and power are His.

The depths and the heights are His.

The Truth and the Life are His.

The stars in the sky are His.

Look, the highest heavens and the earth

and everything in it, all

belong to the Lord your God.

So me and drummer boy,

we finally figured it out.

The only thing He doesn’t yet have,

and maybe the only thing He really wants,

is me.

Just me.

And you.

Just you.

How many times did He tell us?

And they will be my people and I will be their God.

He just wants us.

So lift up your voice today

and give Him

thanksgiving and praise.

It’s the perfect gift for the Precious King

who already has everything


but the praises of you and me.

-danita jenae 2018

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When guests come over during the advent seasons, we each write down some praises and thanksgivings on little papers. Then we offer them out loud as our gift to the Lord. Over the years, this is the one thing I anticipate most. And it is the one thing that seems to truly be Christmas. Of course, I love to give and see faces light up and I love to receive. But this special. quiet moment satisfies our hearts the most at Christmas. Be blessed in your blessing, dear ones.

“Bless the Lord, Oh, my soul, with all that is within me!”

Psalm 103:1

“The one thing you can give God that He doesn’t already have… it’s worship.” -Pastor Jason