forgive me, winter.

winter canvas barn.jpg

forgive me, winter.

by danita jenae


forgive me, winter, for resenting you

these long and weary years

i mistook you for a symbol of death

depression, the season of slow suicide

i had you all wrong, winter.


today i see the prairies

white as the sky

i see the rough sketch of a barn

and penciled in trees

you are the prelude to new life

you are a fresh canvas

last year's painting is full and complete

and you come, welcome or not,

with a blanket of snow like gesso

stillness and quiet reflection.

you are a blank slate, winter.

you are a new beginning, winter.

i just never saw it before.


what colors and scenes will fill in your monochrome sketches?

winter, you are a season of wonder and awe--

Lord, what are you up to?

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winter blank canvas.jpg