Swinging, Singing, Glory to Glory

It's a fun one to read out loud. Give it a go! Kind of has a slam-poetry/rap rhythm. I'd love to record it for you soon.

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Swinging, Singing, Glory to Glory

by danita jenae


I soar high above the ground.

I’m looking up; I don’t look down!

From glory to glory, I swing-

Can you hear my heart beating?

I sing, “Glory! Glory to God in the Highest!”

I look up. He is Bright-Brighter-Brightest!


His Light floods my path, shows me the way,

And on cloudy days, I know by faith,

That the Son still shines above the clouds.

I’m still looking up; I won’t look down!

Oh my soul! Do not fear!

When my hands hang limp, the Lord is near.

I know my God is Mighty to Save!

When I can’t hang on in this tidal wave,

He can, and He does. He holds me secure.

He knows His good plans for my future.


So. When I swing low between glory to glory

I know it’s not the end of my story!

My Friend and My Priest sits high on the throne;

His Spirit prays for me, translates every groan.

There is power in the Name of Jesus!

His blood bought and frees us!

His blood bought and frees us!

Jesus! Jesus! Sweet Jesus!


I soar high above the ground.

I’m looking up, I won’t look down.

From glory to glory I swing—

All day, the praise of Jesus I sing.

I sing, “Glory! Glory to God in the highest!

Your Light is Bright-Brighter-Brightest!”

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Want to ponder this some more?  Here's some of the verses mentioned in the poem:

  • Jeremiah 29:10-14 (God has a plan for your future.)
  • Romans 8:26 (The Holy Spirit prays for us.)
  • Zephaniah 3 (Sing! Don't be afraid or give up! The Lord is with you and is mighty to save!)
  • Luke 2:14 (Glory to God in the highest!)
  • Hebrews 4:13-16 (Jesus is a priest for us, able to sympathize with us; therefore, approach his throne confidently to receive mercy and grace in your time of need!)

And, last but not least, the spider monkeys. Swinging! Can't help but think of the way they use their tale as a picture of God holding me up when my arms hang limp and I can't seem to reach anything by myself. Also, I love when the baby is swinging on the mama's back. The baby may look like she's just taking a ride, but she is exercising her faith, holding on to mama and learning what it feels like to fly. Sometimes, we ride on the prayers and faith of others until we are strong enough to try to reach out on our own. Sometimes, we pray in our spirit with groans and can't really even grasp the words we need. The Holy Spirit translates our mumbles and aches and turns them into the perfect prayer on our behalf.

May this little video remind you that even when your faith fails us and you can't reach, the Lord is always faithful! He hangs on to you even when you cannot!