How to Do Less Dishes

Spending way too much time with your dirty dishes?


Thanks to my friend, Haylee, dishes are now a breeze! And it's not because she does the dishes for me either! She helped me learn two simple tricks that instantly changed our huge pile-up of dirty dishes.

1. The easy part: Minimize your glasses and mugs.

jars and mugs.jpg

The trick to doing less dishes? Have less dishes!!

Before this photo, the glass jars and mugs were bursting at the seems. They made a breaking noise every time we shut the cabinet doors because it was full to the edge! 

It cost me about 30 minutes to narrow it all down. And it saved me loads and loads of dishes!!! Now, we have just our favorites that we use most often.

Some people are so minimal they just keep one glass per person, plus 2-4 more depending on how much you entertain. Me? I couldn't do it! But I narrowed it down to this. And I am happy. 

Less dishes = a fuller cup!

Also, I figured that if I ever have a huge gathering, I can always go get my extra glasses from a bin downstairs. But all that excess doesn't have to crowd me out on a daily basis.

2. The hard part: A new routine.

In addition to downsizing my beloved jars, I had to come to terms with my own poor habits. Literally every time I get thirsty, I go to the cupboard for a fresh glass. 

But for this to work, Haylee taught me I need to change that habit. One glass per person per day. What? At first, I found myself going to the cupboard when thirsty but when I saw how lovely and orderly it all was, I remembered to go find my one glass. It worked! It works! We have about half the amount of dishes as we did before. It was all me!

Once I'm feeling really good about this, I will surely just give the excess glasses and mugs away. But for now, it's a risk-free transition to keep them in our basement...the purgatory between Goodwill and Life.

Ok! If you too are making more work for yourself and didn't even realize it before, then try this out! And let me know how it goes!

One glass a day keeps the dish-mountain at bay!