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About danita:


I grew up in the back of a Suburban, driving across Texas to be with family—sitting in highway bluebonnets, picking cotton off the side of the road, and eating Blue Bell. It taught me to enjoy the getting there. It taught me that ‘there’ is our heavenly home. And it taught me that love and family get you through.

I came to faith watching God answer mama’s prayers- like when the yard was covered in poison berries where us kids played. Mama prayed and swoosh came a whole flock of birds that ate up all the berries. I just love my God!

I’m a bit of a granola chick (who loves the 1940’s?!?). So becoming a proud military wife was not on my radar. But, I love the man! And combat boots are part of the package. He’s helped me fall more in love with my country too. We have two daughters. They’re altogether nurturing, firey, compassionate, and cheesy. They take after their mama. But they get a double dose of cheesy, exuberance, and stability from their daddy. ; )

My favorite sound is when God whispers, and when my husband or girls or grandma giggles. My heart soars when I swing dance with Dan! I love the smell of Texas dirt, Colorado air, Mexico’s tortillas, Brazil’s laundry, and Florida’s gulf breeze. Happy sigh.

I love to find beauty in every place I can and share it with others. Beauty is another name for Glory. So, it comes naturally for me to want to share with you all the glory of God that I can find.

I write and play and pray and paint and sketch and dance and love and forgive and mess up a lot and make lots of messes. We have two little girls full of love and giggles and sunshine. Two girls is also code for glitter on our kitchen table, floors, and I just found some schmeared on my sink faucet yesterday. I love to cook, but if you join us for dinner, know it might be sprinkled in glitter and dolloped with prayer.

Can't wait to meet you! Come along with me and splatter joy too by sharing your comments and thoughts too. Can't wait to hear from you! If this is your first time stopping by, sign my "guest book" below in the comment section on this page. Tell me who you are, where you are at, what brought you to these parts, and where you came from! 

love (and joy!) to you!

-danita jenae